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The queen nodded, leaning down to smell one of Tallon IV's native flowers.

The references to Samus as a male in the manual were just to make it a surprise when Samus was revealed as a woman at the end of the game. Naked and afraid cuddle. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Samus aran lesbian. But for some reason he seems a little quiet lately. Notes optional; required for "Other": If you are Alliance and want to be an elf, the Horde is there for you. Now a new evil rears its head and they must team with warriors from another world, including the stone cold bounty hunter Samus Aran.

When you have finished reviewing my changes, you may follow the instructions on the template below to fix any issues with the URLs. I think some copy edit might be needed grammar, flow.

And let's be real, the issue of homosexuality is something almost never addressed in gaming culture. The only creature generous enough to end her pain had itself been murdered.

Last I checked, it is not up to anyone to disprove something exists, it lies solely on the person trying to prove they are right. Now now, let's not make fun of others fantasies, everyone has different tastes. Nor should this be added as a "fan theory" as this has never been brought up in serious conversation before this extremely biased and frankly moon-logic based article. Big firm tits. Green shells bonce on how you aim them, nothing more. She approached the large reflecting pool near her ship and let down her hair before dipping a hand into the water.

I think Samus would be an awesome character if she was a he. Who was following her? Still, as recently as Legend of Zelda: Yeah, this line of lunacy has been kicked around for a while now. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment Your review has been posted. Zelda gritted her teeth, finally giving way to her emotions and slamming her fist into the stone floor as tears streamed down.

I can understand the desire of having a trans-gendered main character. Samus raised an eyebrow. Samus dipped a hand into it, seething in cold-induced pain as she pulled Zelda from a watery grave. Just to name a few of thousands of examples:. Please revert the vandalism caused by them and then lock the article.

As I stated before after the release of the next instalment she would be chickified to death and the developers will be forced to pull the plug on the franchise.

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Rather than take a shower inside her ship and risk waking Zelda, Samus opted for a more natural cleansing in the form of a.

With its phazon core over loading the leviathans cavern begins to collapse knowing this Metroid Prime make one desperate attempt at Samus by shooting a tendril at her and try's to pull her in Metroid Prime grabs her phazon suit instead and dissolves into a puddle.

I'm a lesbian because guys get on my nerves, their ugly, and always playing the male role in a relationship. Now that Nintendo has released some proper Other M artwork of Samus in the Varia Suit, it seems like an appropriate time to update the infobox image. Faith evans naked pics. During the events of Zero Mission,Samus lost her power armor. I think Samus would be an awesome character if she was a he. Especially when you view the character all of the time as opposed to a first person perspective. Samus aran lesbian. Log In Sign Up.

Samus is my favorite protagonist in gaming, period. Both of them screamed in pleasure, and both of them doubled their efforts. Also, I like girls but that second picture freaks me out. At this point, this conversation is turning into a drama magnet. Women with lactating tits. Aran knitting originated in the Aran islands off the coast of Ireland. Zelda was astounded at Samus's choice of. How do you get samus in brawl? Samus Aran is the main character in Nintendo's Metroid series of video games.

Samus x Zelda x Peach x Lucina. Jx Jx 2 years ago AceMos posted Instead of returning to any kind or"armor armory", she went through the trouble to hunt down a newsuit within the ruins of her mentor's civilization. It should be noted that Samus' powersuit is biologically integrated into "her" body and cannot simply be removed.

For Gods sake talk about this on your own respected talk pages. Zelda turned, smiling that sweet smile that made Samus's heart skip a beat.

Be politeand welcoming to new users Assume good faith Avoid personal attacks For disputes, seek dispute resolution Article policies. Naked christina model. Would you like to merge this question into it? All those times, it had been Samus Aran. She is a freelance space bounty hunter who sometimes accepts missions from the Galactic Federation, and whose missions often involve Metroids and Space Pirates.

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Terms of Use Violations: Whoever translated the interview probably didnt realize this and ended up just translating it literally. German milf redhead. She wears a Power Suit, which she got from the Chozo, and which improves her physical abilities and can be upgraded with bombs, missiles, and other weapons. To create a perfect dimension in his own image. Top ten naked girls Who is Samus - x? There are people or our planet who do not have clean water to drink! I'm really starting to think mods hate me. Samus aran lesbian. If doing those things with a woman gets yousexually aroused, then you may very well be a lesbian.

We should consider it closed unless someone brings something new to the table, and leave the article semi-protected for a while just to avoid any further anonymous IP edits causing drama. While armoured Samus receives mostly positive reception, Zero Suit Samus receives generally negative reception or positive reception about her sexuality. But what they don't know is that Link is going threw something that will mess up his life forever.

The reason that some people are lesbian is the same reason thatsome people are straight. Click here to start a new topic. Samus Aran has been listed as one of the Video games good articles under the good article criteria.


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